William Ramsay – Executive Search and Market Entry, General Manager

Tell us a bit about yourself
I came to Japan from the UK in 1998 and started my career in executive search and to learn Japanese. For the first few years I developed an understanding of the Japanese business environment, how to operate in it and be successful. Tokyo has become my home; my family and business are here and I get the chance to work in a truly diverse work environment.

How do you describe your specialty?
I specialize in the medical technology area and most my clients are US or European companies that want to hire bilingual leadership to run or improve their Japanese business. The majority of my work revolves around leaderships; C-level executives, Country Managers to directors and I compliment our search process with support on Japanese Labour Law, business set up and Japanese social insurance.  I also provide career support to professionals in the Japanese healthcare industry, building long-term, supportive relationships